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(first time doing a critique, lol) I see that you have improved alot when it comes to painting and coloring, it's a great job! and also...


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Unique Character Design Tips
In my opinion, these are the most important factors in any character design: color, concept, shape, simplicity, cohesiveness, repeatability, personality and uniqueness.
Color: Any design with colors all over the place creates too many places for the eye to look. Keep your color design very simple and zen. Looking at the colors shouldn't be jarring or confusing. This isn't to say only use one color, not at all, but try to make sure the ones you use are harmonious. Avoid mixing and matching different saturations of the same color or picking colors that clash with one another.
My rule of thumb: Stick to no more than three base colors and some value variations.
Concept: Your design should have inspiration, even if the inspiration is just your intended character's personality or an interesting object that represents them. Your character could be a bookworm, and that would impact her posture, her clothing, her hairstyle...pretty much everything about her! You can design
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---- Eyy! My name is Eyegrin and happy to see you! Pls call me Eyegrin OvO. I call myself Eyegrin but I use CyberDreamer25 as a signature for my works so don't be confuse (I just regretted my username that's all ;-; ). My type of drawings are inconsistent based on my mood so expect that there will be innocent, insane, sad or normal drawings. I also love doing OCs too! Especially when doing weird gore character designs or just normal ones, they also have stories too but i'm still trying to improve them. Soo that's all thanks for visiting my page (Ou<)/ ----

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1. White Coffee
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3. Eyes, Sharp teeth, Hands, TV, Wings and etc.
4. Creating characters
5. Headphones/ Earphones
6. Games
7. Cool character design
8. Hoodies
9. Vocaloid
10. OC

1. Math
2. Crowds
3. Slow Internet
4. Homework
5. Groupings
6. Being disturbed when drawing
7. Math
8. School

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3 DAYS [Raffle: Free Succubear Adopt I.] - OPEN - by xHotaruChu check this out!

I really want to try this for fun and so as the char >v<
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Art Trade:
1. Redips from (RLfriend) - 10% coloring
2. Sarah from :iconyuiamoris: - 0% (i'll start you o-o)

1. Ain from Mikami Yui - 0%

1. Skull OC(closed species no name yet) from me - 0%
2. Pixel art OC or Adopt? (closed species no name yet) from me - 30%
3. Eyegrin from me - 100% inking
4. Scarfy from me - 100% inking
5. Nun of Judgment from me - 100% char design

1. Miku Hatsune - 20% coloring

1. Lady Eyes (adopt) from me -  70% char design
2. Red Riding Wolf (adopt) from me -100% Sketching

1. ???
2. ???
3. ???

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.:: Kry in Matryoshka ::.
Finally finished this at last I am a dummy! 
I really enjoy drawing her so I accidentally overdid it! (I also listened to Matryoshka Nico Nico chorus for like more than 10x)
and also RIP my 2 signpen ;v; 

Chara: :iconshikyandi:
Drawing: :iconcyberdreamer25:
That moment when you do a character design for a contest but end up liking it, why ;-;

(Ok now i'm posting this messy bio of Lolliette P., tell me your opinions about her but do it constructively, and also RIP my English xD) (about her mental like illness and her early life, tell me your opinions there but do it nicely and constructively, I need to know what you think about her early life //I know that it's sketchy *cries*// but I want to improve her character) //pls no hate feedbacks ;v;//
(There are some things on her bio that you'll find it weird but it has an explanation that I can't tell right away ex. why their weapons are damn giant candies, why is the asylum doing those things, their hair, HATE creatures and etc.)

Untitled by CyberDreamer25 i'll change this picture when I draw a serious photo of her =A= i'm still lazy

Lolliette P. (still WIP)


Bio: (WIP)

    ·         Her true name is Lili Borgen

    ·         She’s 17 years old

    ·         Her birthday is (idk yet)

    ·         Her weapon is a hammer that looks like a giant lollipop.

    ·         Her partner is Swirllene G.

    ·         She is part of the “The Whack O Duo” with Swirllene G. (They are called The Whack O Duo because their weapons are hammer and flail and they gain popularity because of their failed missions).

    ·         She is mostly energetic but sometimes mature, childish, crazy, sad, elegant and etc. (her behavior is according to her persona that she’s using).

    ·         She can be very annoying because she can be very talkative when excited or bored.

    ·         She is normally optimistic (she strongly uses this persona of her for her not to be confused on what she will act and also to be good to others, being optimistic is a path for her that she must not lose track or else she might walk to the paths of her other persona and have difficulties when it comes to find the optimistic path again).

    ·         She understands happiness than any other emotions so she’s more comfortable using it (It’s easy for her to understand it because she finds it simple to copy it)

    ·         She has a Multi personality “like” disorder (She doesn’t know who she really is //personality, likes, dislikes, attitude, etc.// so she did many different persona of her to find out who she really was and to use it in socializing but failed to find it and made her mental state more confused and complicated because many of her persona in her head dominates her decisions and acts towards things.

    ·         She learn how to use HER/THIS problem as an advantage when she started grade 8. (But somehow it causes her disadvantage as well sometimes)

    ·         This Multi Personality “like” Disorder has been worsened by the one year Asylum treatment.



Likes: (parts can change)

    ·         Her friends (especially Swirllene G. and “iky yet her name”)

    ·         Prefers color blue than pink (but she forgot it because of shocks but she still likes it though).

    ·         Loves smiling more than any facial expressions.

    ·         Loves to laugh, play games and be happy (to forget her other personas for a while and to keep optimistic).

    ·         Loves whacking HATES (HATES are monsters who lived in human bodies and they are the enemies of the lunatics and their mission is to terminate them).

    ·         Loves taking pills given in the Lunatics Asylum. (They taste like chocolate but has side effects that causes some advantage to Lunatics but disadvantage to normal humans)

    ·         Likes to rest herself for awhile.




    ·         Parents (but not fully hate them, she’s longing for her parents to give up that image that they want and accept and love “her” and “theirselves”)

    ·         When friends are being hurt by HATE, lunatics or the doctors or staffs

    ·         Somehow her personas (because it’s giving her a hard time sometimes)

    ·         Loneliness (it makes her overthink)

    ·         Planning strategies (it ruins the fun).




    ·         Can boost her speed and strength for 30% by using her rage or crazy persona.

    ·         Can use the abilities of her persona as an advantage (ex. Her elegant and socializing side can be used in formal occasions).




    ·         If she used her rage or crazy side it will be hard for her to turn back by herself.

    ·         Her persona can also be a disadvantage to her if it’s not appropriate to the events (someone must tell her what side she must use).



Sides: (WIP)

    ·         Optimistic/ Energetic Side -

    ·         Formal and Elegant Side -

    ·         Sad/ Depressed Side -

    ·         Overthinking/ Pessimist Side -

    ·         Rage Side -

    ·         Crazy Side -



Early Life:

    ·         She lived a normal life with her family. (but somehow not normal at all).

    ·         She is the only child of the family.

    ·         Her mom and dad has their own family issues they still deal with.

    ·         Her family always complain about society and normal problems.

    ·         Her family looks up to those famous people and always copy them. (how they dress, act, what is wrong and good, etc.) (They are sensitive when it comes to their “image” so they want to look smart, rich and formal to others)

    ·         The cause of this disorder was her parents because they want her to be like an “another person “that they prefer for her than the true her so since young they “train” her to copy those “good” and “perfect” people than giving her a chance to be who she is, they said that it’s good for her but turns out worse for Lili. (That training involves physically and emotionally hurting her when she did something wrong ex. Hitting her with a stick or saying “I’m very disappointed to you, Lili”)

    ·         She thinks that her parents only love the her that she’s acting not “her” so she didn’t felt the love from her parents the fullest. (it’s like she has a sister that she can’t see)

    ·         She has friends in school but they only know the optimistic and friendly side of her.

    ·         Sometimes there are days where she wants to be alone. (to rest herself and her sanity)

    ·         Even though she did many personas, her indescribable hate towards her parents didn’t change even though she’s confused and didn’t fully understand hate at all.

    ·         She started showing the emotions of hate since she’s 13 and it’s getting worse every year she gets old. (but not to the point of killing) (at the point where she locks herself in her room, saying bad words to them, sometimes skipping classes, sometimes failing grades on purpose and etc.)

    ·         Her parents stop “training” her when she begun doing those stuffs. (they slowly realize that there’s something wrong on the way they raised her)

    ·         She was a rebel when she still lived an ordinary life before she got kidnapped and brought her to the asylum.

    ·         She slowly turns into a rebel because of the influence of some friends, movies, family problems and HER problems.

    ·         She was kidnapped at the age of 16 while she was walking on the city (running away from family issues) until a van stopped at her position and made her unconscious by making her inhale some sort of chemical in the handkerchief and dragged her into the van.



Lunatics Asylum:

    ·         In the Lunatics Asylum, she was trained for a year to be more crazy but also to be behave and be able to follow orders even though she is reluctant to it (Making her more crazy//planting more trauma// to make her mind snap little by little for her to be more obedient to orders and to feel hopeless when it comes to freedom just like the other victims).

    ·         She’s always been given the shock treatment, solitary confinement, drinking pills, undergo hypnotism sessions, undergo serious discipline, teaching her lessons, and inhale strange gases that causes hallucinations.

    ·         After the 1 year treatment, she’s now ready for the “training” so she was given the name Lolliette P. and a lollipop hammer. (the training takes 3 years)

    ·         Because of the Shock treatment it affects her memories so her family and her name is blurry to her mind. (but sometimes she sees pictures of them and voices but she still can’t remember)

    ·         The partner that is assigned for her was Swirllene G. (Having a partner is a part of the training)

    ·         She’s having a hard time when it comes to missions because she’s that kind of person who just fight the enemy without thinking a plan. (She believes that she can do it)



(WIP) Relationships:

    ·         Swirllene G. is her bestfriend but had a hard time befriending her at first (because she’s annoying to her).

    ·         Swirllene G. is not her first friend, it’s (insert char here cause idk yet)

    ·         They become friends at their 3rd mission called “insert mission name here” (I’ll think of it later)





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3 DAYS [Raffle: Free Succubear Adopt I.] - OPEN - by xHotaruChu check this out!

I really want to try this for fun and so as the char >v<
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